Marion DuTremble

Mysterious and Reclusive Tremere


Basic Information
Clan: Tremere antitribu
Path: Unknown

Learned Details
Condition: Healthy
Known Powers: Thaumaturgy
Affiliation: Sabbat

Known Associates
Darlene, Head Librarian of the Buford Memorial Library

A young, attractive woman with long, dark hair and pale skin. Spends most of her time in the Buford Memorial Library within her private study in the back.


Not much is honestly known about Marion by the Sabbat of Buford. She appears to have been around for quite some time, as older Cainites are quick to point out how much she has helped out in the past. However, as of recently the Tremere antitribu has remained cloistered within the Buford Memorial Library with her books and studies.

Marion DuTremble

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